It's kind of wonderful being surrounded by flowers.
Will girls power up?

It is ok to come and visit us with such a little feeling.

Is practice being stiff?
The teacher? What kind of people are coming?
Is it strange that men arrange flowers?

It is a trial lesson to answer such a little doubt.

◆ Since I will teach you from how to hold the scissors, please feel easy.

◆ Trial Lesson Fee
* ¥ 15,000- (flower material costs included)
* You can take flower materials home.

◆ Lesson time
* Approximately 60 to 90 minutes
* After teaching time with relaxing tea time ♪

◆ belongings
* Hand towel, Writing utensils
* I will lend you free scissors, kenzan etc.

◆ How to contact → From here.
* Please reserve as much as possible 6 days in advance.
* Please contact us a reservation about the day before lesson .

◆ About cancellation
* In connection with flower wood procurement, please contact us 3 days in advance.